This book reflects the Australian generosity and community spirit.


Once again this book reflects the Australian spirit of generosity of colleagues and community effort – this time especially of the engineer teacher and examiner, Bill Ardus, for reviewing the engineering section, graphics artist Qiu Yi Huo, for drawing additional stability sketches, Peter Mckie and John Banky for reviewing the first aid chapter and Michael Scott for amending some engineering Q&A.

The Fifth Edition has come a long way from where it started 20 years ago. Back in 1995, John Anderson of Yachting NSW walked the manuscript of the first edition through Yachting Australia’s endorsement process. Don McKenzie, whom I had never met, phoned to tell me that he had read and ‘highly recommended’ it, which was endorsed by Alastair Mitchell, and remains endorsed by Phil Jones, the current CEO of Yachting Australia.

It was endorsed with equal enthusiasm by Chris Gillett, the then National Commodore of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association and now a member of Marine Rescue NSW (which is now the state’s single, unified marine rescue organisation), the late Keith Jenkins, FOC of the then Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol which has also become part of Marine Rescue NSW, and Roy Privett, General Manager of the Boating Industry Association of NSW. I am grateful to Marine Recue NSW for being one of the most supporting bodies of my work.

People from most unexpected places, people with busy lives and people I have never met have again helped me in making the Fifth Edition a reality. I remain indebted to my friend, pharmacist and first aid instructor Martin Phillips for writing the first aid chapter, Chris Heeks of OTEN and James Garde of Seafood Tasmania for their support and contribution of research material. Kenn Batt of Bureau of Meteorology and Alan Barringham reviewed various chapters, and my beautiful wife Jing drew numerous sketches. I am grateful to GME and ACR for commenting on the EPIRBs section, Jastram Engineering for contributing to the steering gear chapter, OzeFridge for contribution to the refrigeration section and Manson Anchors for commenting on the section on anchors. For the past contributions I remain indebted to Volvo Penta, Detroit Diesel, Muir Windlasses, Yamaha Motors, Energy Power Systems, Kinnears Pty Ltd., Australia-wide Solar, RFI Industries, Lowrance Electronics, Russell Muller, Hood Sailmakers, RFD Marine and Pains-Wessex

The book continues to enjoy the benefit of vast depth of knowledge of Russell Vasey, Alan Barringham, Kenn Batt, John Richardson, David Duff, Des Highfield, Steve Mitchell, Ken D’Cruz, late Sigi Veldhuyzen, Peter Irvin and Ravi Nijjer. Ross Carey has again designed an excellent cover. Without the input of each and every one of them, the book would be incomplete.